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Crafts / Woodworking / Leveling bottom part of wooden frame or box



Take for example my construction of bee hive inner cover in the picture on the left. What is the problem with it?

The problem is this frame is swinging a bit when put on more-less flat surface. So, how can you swiftly level the bottom of my inner cover, or some frame: that is the topic of this article.

If you try to level the bottom by chance, in most cases you will get a problem. Not one surface where you can put your frame is not ideally flat. So you will level your frame to one surface, and it will swing on the other!

How can one make the optimal leveling for most surfaces?

First you have to level all sides of the box bottom. That should you do with a ruler, plane and sand paper. Than I use the following procedure:

boxlevel2res  Pull a string over diagonal that contains corners that you think are the highest at the bottom. Over the other diagonal you should lay down a ruler. If you were right about the height of your corners, the ruler will push down the string. If not, you stretch a string over the opposite corners. 
 boxlevel3res  Rotate ruler to the 1/4 of diagonal distance towards one corner and watch out how much the string is pushed down.
 boxlevel4res  Rotate the ruler towards the other corner to 1/4 distance from it and again watch how much the string is pushed in this case.

Now compare the path that string passes in both cases. The longer path is passed in vicinity of higher corner of your box. That corner is the highest corner.

The edges meeting in this highest corner you should work out with plane and sand paper in such a way to lower the highest corner for some value that you decide yourself, e.g 1mm. Than repeat the above procedure until satisfied or until the paths of string are approximately the same.

That way you will get optimally leveled bottom that suites most supporting surfaces, without dependending on particular working surface. I don't like modern terms, but this is cool, isn`t it?

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