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Information technologies

Information Technology / Is Microsoft Windows (10) an operating system?

A lot of people make use of Microsoft Windows in their homes and businesses worldwide. They often have technical questions and put them on Microsoft forum. Year after year, the important customers questions are left without proper answers or not answered at all. So the question arises: is Microsoft Windows (10) really an operating system or something else...

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Information Technology / FitParts - Sketchup extension for cuting layouts

Sketchup is the fastest spreading 3D modeling software in the world at this moment. For Sketchup users I offer specific extension named FitParts that will automatically extract dimensions of your parts and generate cuting layouts based on those dimensions. Good for hobby and professional model makers, woodworkers, metal work designers... Check here the details, get yourself the trial version, and when you are ready order the FitParts Pro version - right here.

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Information Technology / Information indexing

The most important part of information technology and the understanding of achievement in human knowledge classification of the whole mankind history - do not exist in elementary schools. The indexing skill or comprehension of the knowledge as a resource do not exist in the minds of people with college or high school education. Just very specialized schools attendants shall know about indexing. How is that possible nowadays, or nothing could surprise us any more?

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Information technologies / Real truth about computer viruses

In this text you will not find the description of the absolutely safe security procedures for protecting your computer - because the absolutely safe protection does not exist. The usual official answer to those questions are usually just a bunch of talk without any theoretical or practical significance.

The article will explain what the real situation is in the world of computer viruses and what are the odds that the owner of the personal computer will succeed protecting his computer.

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