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Agriculture / Beekeeping / Standard symbols in beekeeping - proposal - Slavne 1.0

In all beekeeper's books and copy notes there is always a constant need for pictorial presentations of procedures and hive situations. Designations of frames, types of combs,  types of brood, are all noted randomly. Here is my proposal for clear and useful mini standard of beekeeper's symbols.

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Agriculture / beekeeping / Bee hive deformation, cause and the solution

We all witness the wood warping because of moisture. The bee hive producers have a problem of controlling the wood deformations. Here we shall reveal the secret what is the crucial wood deformation of a bee hive in production practice. However the article will be usable not to the ones who make bee hives but the practitioners involved in wood processing for all purpose as well.

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Agriculture / beekeeping / How much suger for one liter of sirup?

Preparing syrup for bees is one of ubiquitous activities every beekeeper do. In order not to be limited to couple of recipes that you have memorized, I shall provide you with my unique formula that will allow you to calculate how much sugar does it take for one liter of syrup for whatever concentration you have on your mind. This simple formula of mine is presented here on Internet for the first time in the next paragraphs...

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