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About the site

upitnikWith just a couple of exceptions, all articles on this site are written by one man - myself. As you probably noticed, my personal interests are huge. Some people ask me:"How do you know all that?" Well the secret is I honestly never think I know something. From my young age I was perplexed with the miracles of the world and was thought by the wisdom of numerous book authors so I learned early how humble we must be about our knowledge.

The English translation of about 200 Serbian articles of mine has very few articles because it would be large endeavor to have all those translated. I shall translate some of articles when catching some time. Say more then 90% of articles are devised solemnly by myself as a result of thinking, experimenting or accidental experience. A minor part of my articles, like Serbian series of texts on "Rich and poor nations" are just paraphrased in my way but the reference source is always quoted.

The aged Jean-Paul Belmondo said in one of his movies: "Internet is the waste basket where everybody drops his garbage". The informal discussion forums on the Internet are closely following this trend in blogs where bloggers scribble whatever comes to their minds. This lead simply to the elimination of quality.

On the other hand, I think the form of essays written by an author is much better, because he can clear out his ideas, shape them and give them a finishing touch.
On this web site there are articles with the aim to present the individual opinion and encourage the readers to think. So, you are welcome... The topics are positioned in tabs Home, Recreation, Health, and so on.


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