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Crafts / Carpentry / Cam clamp design

Cam clamps/levers are probably the most frequently used clamp that you have ever seen in normal life: at the door, on windows, on tools, on machines, in various lever assemblies and the like. Definitely everybody has seen it but very few people would know how to name it. What are cam clamps, what is it used for and how to design and make it - that is what you can find in this unique article.


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Crafts / Carpentry / Table crosscut on table saw - make Mighty miter fence

Until this moment the unsolved safety problem: crosscutting the long board on small table saw is no more dangerous business! No matter what kind of table saw you have, only what is demanded is your table saw with a groove for miter fence slider. If you follow my instructions, you will replace factory made miter fence with the Mighty miter fence that I constructed. Only when start using my fence you will realize how much time you wasted with the factory made miter fence.


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Crafts/Carpentry/ Standard for marking the parts in woodworking project

SLAVNE standard for marking parts in woodworking project


How to easily and accurately mark a door, sides of a carcase, compartments and other elements of your cupboard, closet, kitchen cabinet ... When cutting the parts in carpentry here's how to easily mark these parts: use the SLAVNE (may be) standard! According to this standard, which is very easy to remember, every label define the precise orientation of corresponding part in the project.

This marking however can be easily transported to other crafts and blueprint designs with small or no change at all.


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Carpentry / Workbench for carpenters in small workspace

Workbench for carpenters in small workshop - extremely stable and strong

The bottom line of all workbenches on first place is the weight. But how are you going to make  a real heavy carpenter's workbench in a small workshop when the dimensions of workbench has to be small, limited by the size of workshop? Well it is possible. The workbench in the picture is 160kg and have length of 1,5m vises excluded, vises are about 100mm long, and you should add the handles as well, so you do the math yourself. This is unique and rather original project, first of all because of concept, and then in the vises construction which makes use of F-clamps.

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