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Globalist war against humanity - explained simple and clear

Globalist war against humanity - simple and clear

The article represents the currently observed elements of globalization.

Definition and aim of globalization

Globalization is an elitist dictatorship handled by the superrich, the wealthiest people on Earth, with the ultimate aim of establishing the absolute power and permanent control over all people on the planet. This managing elite shall be referred to in the following text by the common term superrich(es). Currently available synonyms for superriches used in public are also:  deep state, multinational corporations, satanists, rulers from the shadows, lizards, aliens.

globalizam macka

Basic characteristics of globalization

  • modern slavery
    Globalization distinguishes people as elite masters and subordinate slaves. Slaves can be classified as high or low in the slave hierarchy, but all slaves are subject to the superrich. Eventually, we can distinguish the third caste in globalization as renegades, the people cast out of civilization and destined for physical and spiritual degradation and death.
  • claiming the whole planet.
    The superrich believe they have the whole planet`s resources available to themselves personally, people included.
  • usurpation of science and all civilizational attainments.
     All civilization commodities are genearally considered superriches' property. From comfort and standard to historical truth, scientific discoveries, and achievements, all human creative products are considered superriches' property and can be used by themselves without restriction.
  • science discoveries and social intellectual capital belong only to the superriches. Slaves have access to only the knowledge and intellectual attainments that are prescribed for them and allowed by the superrich.
  • elite lacks empathy.
    The important superrich feature is nonexistence of human sympathy (lack of empathy) as well as solidarity. As a consequence of lacking empathy, globalization is an anti human system. 
  • the elite have no morality.
    The superriche have no moral scruples.
  • dearth of psychic balance in the elite.
    The superrich are part of the population with very serious mental disorders.
  • population control.
    The superrich aim for permanent and utter population control. The superrich' control over people is conducted by all means with none of the moral restrains: unlawful power winning, massive misuse of science, terror, planetary genocide, killing political opponents, implanting technological elements in people and turning them into obedient half-men (kiborgs), then every available deception, force, and coercion in every form that will lead to fulfilling superriches' aims.

The superrich identity

globalizam sahThe superrich have no public appearances. The globalist elite's identity is hidden. Naive common people have wrong tendency to identify low ranking slaves of globalism as superriches: Ilon Mask, Bill Gates, and other lower ranked riches from Forbes' list are a mask for real superriches existence acting in full secrecy.

When sociologically and politically approaching the  preliminary phase of globalism, we see superriches acting as conspirators against the whole of mankind on this planet. Hence the plot of the superrich is sharply distinguished from historically known conspiracies against particular authorities or nations. The superrich's conspiracy against mankind is definitely of planetary scope.

Is it possible that all this is true? Are there really abnormal conspirators?

If you expect to be taken by hand and become acquainted with a superrich person, so you can talk with him and get convinced into all this, you will be disappointed. You couldn't figure out who that person could be, and you couldn't approach him. Even if you could approach that superrich individual, do you think he would disclose his plans to kill you, in the mass of other slaves? If so, how can you discover whether you are a slave in the globalist world or not, when masters have been hiding so well?

globalizam svinjaIs there someone in the world who is the wealthiest, or do we all have equal amounts of money and material possessions? Of course, there are the wealthiest individual(s). So you know for sure that the small group of the superrich exists because material possessions are limited.

So why do you need any more explanation? Everything else is obvious because superrich people own the most valuable possessions in the world!

Do you realize that a superrich person does not own, say, a supermarket chain? Or the cinema chain? Or a Tesla factory and some satellites? The superrich actually spreads his wealth across almost all industries: mines, natural resources, the majority of gold, and so on. A superrich person would not be a superrich otherwise, would he? So, as you can see, a small number of people wield power derived from their innumerable possessions, their power exceeding all "small" riches, their power exceeding every president of every country, every parliament, and every country on the planet, even the largest. But are the superrich as evil as we are pointing out here in this text?

In order to answer that question, you will have to access the clear logic again. If you are a house painter, what is your opinion about why you did not get rich in your life? Would it be of some help if you could work 15 instead of 10 hours a day? Would you get rich thenl? Of course not. More likely, you would be exhausted and sick. So, what is your take on how an honest method was used by a superrich man to amass more wealth than all the other people in the world, regardless of profession, including yours? It seems you know without a doubt that the superrich exist and are very dishonest. At least. Well, that is a good starting point.

The rest of my thoughts are left to you: is it possible that world events are mostly random or mostly planned and executed, given that all of the world's possessions are managed by a very small group of superrich? If there is no one more powerful than the superrich - who runs the world and events in it? Here is the space for your "hard to discover" answer, if you manage to find it: ...........

Another proof of planetary evil's existence: who is responsible for wars in the world?

From 2003 to 2011, the United States and the United Kingdom waged war on Iraq. Because England's financial contribution to this war was insignificant, we can estimate American war expenditures.

The American military budget has typically been around 700–800 billion dollars. Let us take the 2019 budget as an example. This budget includes 150 billion for soldier salaries,150 billion for procurement, 100 billion for research, and the remainder is primarily used to acquire new weapons:

(Discretionary Budget Authority) + OCO + Emergency (Combined)

FY2019 (millions)

Military Personnel (x-MERHFC)


Operations and Maintenance






Revolving and Management Funds


Defense Bill (No MERHFC)


Medicare-Eligible Retiree Health Fund Contribution (MERHFC)


Department of Defense Bill Plus MERHFC


Military Construction


Family Housing


Military Construction Bill


Total Base + OCO + Emergency (DoD Record)


Total DoD Mandatory (DoD Record)


DoD Total


Consequently, American military budget seemingly does not include particular war financing. However, the war in Iraq cost around 2000 billion dollars, as per a Boston University analysis.

If the American military budget did not pay for the war in Iraq, who did? Who paid 2000 billions of dollars to kill, conquer, and loot one people from 2003 until today? Marcians? Or superriches?

Is it necessary to mention that the superrich arranged for $2,000 billion in debt to be borne by American taxpayers? 

Third proof who runs the world

In 2010 a creature called Bill Gates entered the stage in front of cameras and odience to give a presentation of future. Here is what he said:

The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that [number of 9 billion] by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.

That was on TED2010 conference. I bet he got an appaluse from the present agents.

Globalist's planned development phases and agent network synchronization

From the main perspective, globalists are planning two phases of development: the preliminary phase for establishing planetary rule and the globalist empire. The globalist empire is conceptualized as the superrich's stable planetary rule over kiborg-made human slaves and exterminated renegades.

The preliminary globalist phase is developing right before our eyes. The globalist preliminary phases are openly published by superriches in mass media, the United Nations and other institutions of global and national scope. The public presentation of globalist development phases is intended to disseminate information to globalist agents and familiarize them with their responsibilities. Of course, these exposed plans in public documents are labeled as allegedly useful and necessary for people, with the justifications always citing pseudo-scientific arguments and outright lies.

Globalist Agency network

In the preliminary phase globalization is based physically on huge Agency network worldwide. The Agency network is very different from states secret services. Globalist Agency is present in all states and made of agents of roughly two categories: conscious agents and unconscious agents.

The vast majority of unconscious agents are people who automatically support the globalist system of unlimited wealth, low morality, and deformed mental attitudes, and have no attitude or knowledge about conspirators. The unconscious agents are accustomed to blindly trusting authorities such as the state and the media. The unconscious agent identifies himself with authorities.That is why such a man will be very angry if someone criticizes his actions based on offical narrative. If you present him with the evidence that globalist vaccines are dangerous and evil, he will tell you that  "such large number of doctors and scientists cannot be wrong." The unsconscious agents unconsciously compensate the lack of their education and information and follows the authorities in the manner of "there is somebody thinking over this". Unconscious agent do not admit existence of globalist elite, or do not give much importance to that fact.

globalizam pauci

Conscious globalist agents represent more intelligent, more informed or more critical part of Agency network, having at least some active notion of existence and importance of globalist elite. Conscious agents made a decision to actively support globalist commands in order to get personal privileges. 

Conscious agents working in public domain are usually chosen among people who adore Western policy and its "values". These agents disdain all people who oppose to West, i.e. who oppose the superrich. They admit only money and the rights of a stronger participant. These agents recognize submissiveness to a master as a natural state. Patriotism, tradition, and human emotions are empty words with no meaning or pure stupidity. They interpret history biasedly in favor of their masters.

Typical example of unconscious agent would be a man using term "conspiracy theory" when trying to speak about globalization. However conscious agent would rather persuading you that world "is what it is and nothing could be done about it, you need to find your way around". 

Unlike Agency network the normal people have more then anything basic morality values, either formed through religious believes or through family discipline. Normal people will not consciously allow evil imposing to the others even if that would bring them personal profit. The difference of globalist agents from normal people is money as the primary life target for agents.

Globalist agents forming

In this text we shall not discuss the methods and individual tactics used by superriches to realize the Empire of globalist evil. However, due to the fascinating aspects of this topic, we will put some light on methods used by globalist bandits to form the conscious part of satanic agency. 



Conscious globalist agents passed the selection process, and afterward they were subjected to re-education. Various organizations are involved in selecting the candidates for conscious agents: globalist "non-government" organizations, "humanitarian" foundations, grants, many education institutions, secret services from states, and so on. The targeted population of these conspirators is primarily students, college youth, and children. Young candidates are attracted with workshops, free travelling packages, job offering promises, free courses, and similar. Candidates are treated with care, they are given importance and they are approached very kind, so the candidate get tied up with his new company where he is introduced gradually. Through special programs, particularly those profiled by globalist psychological teams, young candidates inconspicuously get pro-Western, satanic-type training. Training emphasise the following: egoistic features, despise of religion,  submission, rejection of nationality and patriotism, obsession of western so called "values". Such candidates are often sent to Jewish kibbutzes or Western appropriate families where they spend one or more years in imperceptible globalist re-education.

Young candidates will get job positions in society thanks to their invisible friends as well as their first assignments. The first job of a young candidate is also an elimination step and more often than not outside of the previous candidate's profession, where the candidate has to show off himself, be checked, and be educated in a more serious way. On his first job, he must acquire all the basic manners and attitudes of a conscious agent and show obedience and submissiveness to his bosses. Through further development of their careers, these candidates will become journalists, professors, politicians, European Union officials, state legislators, and others.

Invisible friends will pay close attention to prospective agents, ensuring that the young agent advances quickly and earns a good salary. Young conscious agents will soon be promoted to management positions in state or private companies or organizations, where they will perform negative stuff selection by hiring others who are similar to themselves, thereby increasing the power of globalist conspirators. Typically thrilled of support coming from reputable Western institution, happy because of high salary, respect showed to themselves and rocket high carrier advance, young satanic agents readily perform their tasks and become hard core efficient executors of all tasks regardless if these tasks are anti-national, treasonous, immoral.

The most perspective-conscious agents will become respected members of a government at an appropriate time, including presidents, high-ranking officials in the highest state offices, highly ranked managers, and representatives of the most prominent world or regional organizations. 


Unconscious agents represent large mass of population that is formed under enormous influence of the very system, and discipline measures conducted by state officials. The formation of unconscious agents is done automatically through social, political, educational, and economic systems, which produce stupidity, fear from the state and bureaucracy, weak education, the acceptance of money as the supreme life value, the atomization of society, covered instigation of collisions and differences. Social systems are shaped to instigate in the perfidious ways they despise the nation, religion, and family. Funny activities are promoted in children and youth by means of mentally very negative video games, and dumbfounding movies. glupoBecause the goal is to dumb down future slaves, TV shows are becoming more dumb. Social criticism and political activity are basically wiped out from all spheres of public life in order for the masses to be idiotized. Music, movies, and art are filled with satanic symbols and ways of thinking. Instead of recreation, competing sports are imposed to children and adults as a healthy activity and cozy pastime, with the goal of dumbfounding the masses and channeling or redirecting their discontent. Disciplining the masses is done in a variety of ways, including overwhelmingly stupid state bureaucratic behavior, illegality by state authorities, harsh police actions, injustice of court decisions or law regulations, sabotage of health services, and others. This discipline creates a sense of helplessness and futility in the masses' eventual resistance. In the school programs, numerous false historical and pseudo-scientific facts are built in to misinform the masses and prepare them for globalism as consumers, obedient people, and unconscious globalist agents. History is carefully fabricated for all important events, so the slaves have no awareness of the background of historical events, which are simply enumerated as an endless sequence of mostly accidental and unrelated events.

Location of agents

Superriches' agents are present in practically every country in the world. On the following map, the red color shows the countries whose governments or parts of governments, in my opinion and analysis, openly cooperate with satanists in international conferences:



Хуманоцид: убија

Humanicide: killing in globalization

globalizam redLjudi

Medical planetary genocide, i.e. medical humanicide, that is an example of just one of many developed killing methods which superriches mimicry call "depopulation". The main purpose of globalist killing is putting planet under total rule and control, because controlling huge mass of population is considerably harder technical problem then controlling small group of people.

Conscious globalist agent Zbigniew Brzezinsi, fortunately passed out portparoll of globalization, on his public appearances in a hotel spoke out the renowned globalist saying: "Today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people". The huge naivety of Agency globalist network is among other in that they do not expect to be found in the group of those scheduled for shoot out when they finish their culpable jobs in superriches service. Overwhelmed with the wish to advance in carrier, to get a job in prestigious company, to get larger salary, social approval or any benefits, the satanic agents are turning their blind eye to the consequences their servitude to superriches bring both to them and to themselves.

Some decades ago on a doctors meeting organized by globalists in USA, where making notes of any kind was forbidden, doctors were told that general practice should be put to stop for people. One participant of this meeting testified just before his death of natural causes in his old age that no doctor from this large group of agents did not dare nor wishes to contradict against elimination of their own profession - they all sit in silence and carefully listened to the main speaker.

globalizam cizma

The largest fallacy normals have related to globalization: this system is ours!

Normal people who are partly conscious of the superrich have different view of the system, but most of normal people more or less think of economic and political system as mainly good system, but only superriches should be stopped to make wars in that system, to generate economic collapses and bring every evil to people. Normal people rely on formal existence of some elections, they vote for their representatives, and the representatives are supposed to work as they promised during election campaign. This however is just an illusion.

Most normals do not understand that from the day they was born they live in the system created and shaped just for their masters / superriches. The social system is molded in a way to support authorities and unlimited enrichment of the highest social elite / superriches. The system is economically based on banks, loans, debt, stock market speculation, printing virtual credit money, periodically producing chaos and looting citizens during the process, and most importantly, legally supporting unlimited enrichment of (some) individuals (and corporations). Unlimited enrichment means unrestrained authority. Unrestrained authority means superriches power above all other individuals, above state and above law. Unlimited enrichment consequently means making democratic elections just formal senseless process, because superrich is above every elections and above people's will. Hence having the system which allows unlimited enrichment means having superriches dictatorship.

globalizam tuznoLice

Now when we comprehend the situation let us turn to the largest misconception of normal people in globalization: normal people are not free but positioned as slaves in satanically formed system shaped according to the needs of the superrich, and the very system does not belong to the normal people, but that is the system of the superrich. Normal people are not the navigators in the existing system, but are the slaves of the system that does not belong to them. The superriches are not in our system, WE ARE IN THEIR SYSTEM.

The second largest illusion of normal people related to globalization

During the last three centuries the modern superriches formed the contemporary satanic system. Normal people who are aware of the superrich existence are often perplexed when trying to decipher world's events which apparently have no logic. E.g. many analytics among normals are short of explanation,  why european governments impose sanctions to their own nations by rasing sanctions to Russia because of Ukraine war.

Analysis of the superrich individuals basically is not an easy job simply because superriches are mentally disturbed individuals. Foreseeing the actions of abnormal people generally is not a reliable process. That is why foreseeing or explaining the actions of the superrich is not always possible.

The third largest illusion of normal people: the state governments

We are witnessing, at the height of the transitional globalist period, how superriches have taken over the entire political arena of Europe and many other countries around the world.Not only do the superrich control both the opposition and the position, but the entire election process operates like a tempered roulette wheel, always producing the superrich combination.

Normal people are fooled into thinking that they voted in elections, and the winner was the candidate with the most votes obtained. Nothing else is further from the truth—the whole pre-election and electoral process is 100% corrupted and faked. The votes counted is faked in favour of the superriches candidate. In most cases, both the position and opposition sides are made up of unconscious and conscious globalist agents. Some potential national candidates are the object of mocking and a complete media blockade. In a case of a strong national candidate, there is a reserve globalist method: liquidation of the national candidate, but that is rarely necessary.

Normal people are not aware that their state governments are not democratically chosen governments; the state governments are not the people's representatives but implanted agents of the superrich. If you want to be convinced of that, it is enough to look at the European and most of the world governments: in the time of covid plandemia the governments made the same anti-national laws, ignored their own laws, limited some human rights permanently by bringing nonconstitutional laws, and so on. Hence, the world's governments are coordinated from one central location.

The transient phase of globalization: Grand Theatre

The superrich are deeply aware they are outnumbered. If the normal people in large number became aware of danger and evil prepared for them by the superriches, the life of the superrich would be terminated soon. Because of that superriches have been adopted and improved the extraordinary disguise system, which is the Grand Theatre. Namely by living in the shadows the superriches organized their certain authority such as they do not appear in any case publicly and they personally cannot be easily connected with the world's events. However all main events on planet did not happen or today they do not happen as well without authorisation or organization of the superrich. First and Second World War, Ukraine war in 2022, all limited wars in 20th century, Hitler rase to power, rising of bolsheviks to power in Russia and socialism, capitalism too - all these events are created and conducted under clear domination of the superrich. In other words none of mentioned historical events would not happen if superriches did not want it to happen.

In order to achieve the world's Grand Theater, superriches engaged their Agent network so the agents are encouraging other people (actors) on world stage so they do unconsciously what fits superriches agenda. In that way some aggressive politician will "by accident" come to power in Germany in 1933 and cause the chain of catastrophic events that will change the world political map in the direction of the superrich strategic plans. In that way also "by accident" a pitiful small group of people, which in no way could possibly attract masses of people and cause a revolution in Russia, will still conduct their scheme in reality, helped by enormous amount of gold that was used to buy weapons and soldiers. In that way worldwide, from the French slaughter house which is called French revolution by ill educated Frenchmen, and that one being French only by end practitioners but not by commanders and financiers, will be launched the system known as capitalism, "accidentally" perfectly fit for superriches.

globalizam pozoristeNormal people and unconscious globalist agents are only the automatic actors in Grand Theatre. The superrich are writing a scenario in the Theatre. The actors are acting without knowing their lines are (as if) written by superriches who control their surroundings, and superriches by need eliminate some rare actor not fitted into his role. In the Theatre people are fighting in wars as much and in a way as chosen by the superriches. In Theatre many elections for presidents and parlaments are organized, but both position and opposition are financed, blackmailed, bribed or otherwise controlled by the superriches side, and whoever wins would fit the superriches plans. In the Theatre the huge mass of slaves rises every day, goes to work where they will never meet their real bosses, yelling in football stadiums so to empty their accumulated energy, or discharge the energy on various planted protest which are already prepared by globalist agents not to achieve anything meaningful. The globalist slaves die without knowing that their role was given by superriches through economic and political social system. The whole globalist system is projected so that slave stays being slave, and superrich being a slave owner.

Slave masses are until their death absolutely convinced the events around them are mostly accidental. Slaves think they live in a world of accidental wars, accidental poverty, accidental social status, accidentally projected education system, accidental collisions between religious, economic and political groups. To the slaves the whole foreign policy is mostly a chain of unfortunate circumstances, pure coincidence, collision of individual men, of religions, fight for territory or other.

The superrich have been writing the script for actors in the Grand Theatre so the world situation are coming closer and closer to the top aim of the superrich. The aim of the superrich is constitution of Empire.

globalizam PorodicaMaske

The creepy means

During formation of their Empire, the superriches present the very nature of their mentally disturbed minds. Curfew and lockdown of people in their homes with false excuse of p(L)andemia, giving social score marks to people as a basis for allowing them basic human rights, hiding faces behind masks, debasing health system through medicine genocide, mocking to the family, enforcing distancing between people, forbidding language (Ukraine), all this are just starting manifestations of something much more serious.

Killing in normal people everything which is human characteristic, body, spirit, tradition - that is the side aim of mentally disrupted superriches.

The final aim of superricshes

The superrich have published certain elements of their projected planetary state in many open documents, in order for their agents be prepared for total enslavement of normal people.

The readers wishing to know more about these documents (preferably before they are liquidated) can analyse carefully the UN document "Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development". 

globalizam SorosUNReaders wishing to understand the world of insane superriches, with no delay should read most of all "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion", and desirably the novel "The brave new world". All this literature exists on Internet. The superrich consider themselves too mighty and cunning to be restrained from public disclosure of these texts. They rely on their methods of negating the importance of these texts, mocking them and similar. They think it is better to publicly post the truthful information and make a laughing matter from it, then hiding it and expecting to be discovered later.

The final aim of the superrich if establishing their Empire which correspond to the globalization definition presented in the first paragraph of this text. The Empire includes among other killing of 9 of 10 men on planet, or more then that.
































































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