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Agriculture / Beekeeping / Standard symbols in beekeeping - proposal - Slavne 1.0

Standard beekeeper's symbols are useful in beekeeping publishing as well as in making routine notes of  various situations in your own apiary.

Elements of my standard, version Slavne 1.0




Frame with built combs






Open brood




Frame with brood






Capped brood




Frame with foundation






No bees




Frame with original swarm cell







Bees, If with frame: frame with bees





Frame with brood and original swarm cell.









Queen excluder.




Frame with foreign swarm cell.




Frame with brood and foreign swarm cell.





Sloping ramp in front of hive entrance.



Practical implementation of my proposed standard

Let us examine Demaree procedure (modern form) in the following picture:


The lower deep super (new) is filled with frame foundation (observe three dots ... on both sides); in the middle are two frames with queen and opened brood. By insisting to show that new super contains frames with open brood should associate a reader that the upper super (old) contains frames with mostly capped brood; this also reminds us of Demaree swarming procedure; in the upper super there brood will hatch out eventually. Text on the right side of picture reminds that the procedure includes removing supersedure cells to avoid swarming.  Between two supers there is a medium super for honey with bees, and clearly separated from lower super with queen excluder.

From previous example one can see the advantages of my standard. Instead of making notes of long descriptions that need to be re-read when one needs to remind oneself of them, with just one picture you show so much text that the written text is reduced to only a short comment of one-two sentences. In beekeeper schools one general method of designations as mine will certainly bring clarity and precision. And when explaining your concepts to the others, a picture is worth 1,000 words.

And now here are a few more examples how I implement that proposed standard of mine. The more experienced beekeepers shall soon recognized what method is in question, and I suppose a lot of people will find it interesting to evaluate the shown schemes and learn how they differ or agree to their own practice.

Examples of implementation of my standard

Example 1: how would you describe the purpose of the following procedure?


Example 2: pay attantion to sloping ramp in front of old hive. You surely recognized this method! Does the scheme differ from your practice? pcelStdMojPrimer2eng

In general case the shown sloping ramp can be separated from hive (as in the upper picture), or in some other method it can touch the entrance in the hive. Do you know any method where sloping ramp is used so that it touches the hive entrance? Can you draw that scheme?

Example 3:method by Veroljub Umeljic of swarm prevention.Try to deduce how it work:pcelStdMojPrimer3eng

Example 4: what is this?pcelStdMojPrimer4eng






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