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Metalworking / Universal Workshop Stand R1D1

bravarijaPodupirac uvodna

Generally existing stands belong into two wide groups: carpentry stands and metalworking stands. In essence, for each trade and for each craftsman there is the appropriate stand that could be devised. In old Serbian workshops the stands was sometimes called "an apprentice". The deficiency of existing stands are just their specificity, or attachment to a single craft, workshop and craftsman i.e. one’s specific method of work and type of work.
Bearing all this in mind I made a universal stand that supports all work piece heights from a few millimeters to almost 2 meters, which is compact, inexpensive, easy to manufacture and adoptable to most craftsmen.

 bravarijaPodupirac pocetak EN

The parts are as follows:

HS = horizontal slider

PS = plate slider

PSG = plate slider guide


The base structure is visible in the picture. There are two legs in the shape of inverted “T”. The slider HS in the shape of inverted “U” is inserted into those legs so various heights can be achieved just by sliding the HS.
In the central part of the HS there is a short square tubing that acts as plate slider guide (PSG). The plate slider PS slides through PSG; in the picture you can see a hole in PSG which is used to fix the PS slider in position.

Using the PS: it is possible to insert the PS into PSG from above in which case the plate of the PSG will be above PSGr - appropriate for larger height support, or to insert the PS into PSG from below which is suitable for situations when we want the plate to be at smaller heights.

The work piece is put on plate and if necessary clamped to it.

Between the left leg and the plate you can see in the picture the  base of rolling addon that will be explained below.

Note that you can turn the PS either with plate in upper position, or with plate in down position, whatever you prefer.

 bravarijaPodupirac pravljenjeCilindra

The picture shows the disassembled cylinder add-on. The purpose of the cylindrical roller is supporting for the carpentry and other work that requires smooth scrolling of workpiece over the stand.
Cylindrical add-on contains a cylinder in which the two short cylindrical shafts are inserted; the shafts enable the roller to rotate in the cylinder carrier.
The cylinder carrier has a side hole on each side for shafts. A shaft is fixed to the cylinder carrier with plastic gun. The cylinder carrier on the bottom side has slot sleeve and a square tubing socket as alternative means of fixing the add-on to PS. The tubing socket is stuck onto the PS if plate is in down position. The slot is used to receive the plate of PS, regardless of plate position (up or down).
Having trouble finding the roller on the market? It is enough however to dismantle discharged toner cartridge taken from a laser printer and pick up the roller and the shafts!
Now note the slot sleeve of the cylinder add-on carrier: it is an alternative way of fixing a cylindrical add-on to the PS. The cylindrical add-on can be mounted on either end of the PS plate by means of the slot or it can be mounted to PS by means of socket when plate is in down position.

bravarijaPodupirac podupireGerThe application of the stand for very small heights is illustrated in the picture. This is usually related to workbench operations. Using the table grinder is a good example. Minimum work piece height above workbench supported by the stand is just 3mm, i.e. the depth of PS plate! In this way the precise height adjustment is possible as well as the clear perpendicular cut. Not to mention the safety itself, especially with heavy work pieces. Work piece can be fixed easily by means of a clamp, either carpentry clamp or metalworking clamp. bravarijaPodupirac podupireSipkuNaPresiHere you have an example of the stand supporting a table drill. You see there is no more need to make your own table jig for table drill, nor searching the auxilliary boxes and different supporting objects to insert below heavy work pieces!
 bravarijaPodupirac srednjaVisinaValjak

bravarijaPodupirac valjakZaCirkHere you can see using the 
cyllindrical add-on mounted on the PS plate by means of sleeve or socket on the add-on carrier.

What is the main purpose for cyllindrical add-on? At the end of your table saw: add-on can prevent your working piece to drop down at the end of cutting. That can lead to dangerous situations when table saw blade catches the piece and launches into the operator. By putting R2D2 stand with cyllindrical add-on at the end of table saw you will prevent these accidents.

bravarijaPodupirac srednjaVisinaProfilThe extraordinary ability of the stand is supporting work piece either from the workbench or from the floor. In the pictures on the left the stand is applied on middle range of heights. The cylindrical add-on is used in one case, and and in the other case the hollow steel section square tubing add-on is used (ST add-on).

The ST add-on has the same carrier as cyllindrical add-on, but the cylinder is replaced with simple square tubing profile. The ST add-on is useed to support a panel, tubes or other when we have non-moving  work piece.

To remind you there is the third alternative: using the PS plate itself for support.

  bravarijaPodupirac visokoProfilHere is the operation from the floor for large heights for supporting the work of drill press. In this case we are using the third add-on: the length extension add-on. Length extension is the square tubing that has somewhat larger square tubing welded on one end. The extension is used in either of the two ways: alone instead of PS, or by stucking its broader part over the PS when PS plate is in down position (the case in picture).
bravarijaPodupirac podupireLimHere I am using the stand to extend my workbench for the purpose of marking the steel sheet which is too large to fit the workbench dimensions. For marking the steel sheet, we needed some support. Here I used wooden board on the PS plate - that's it! Now you can see how versatile feature is to have a continuously adjustable height stand.
  stolarstvo pop vod R1D1Yet another accessory, bearing 10 ball bearings. It allows smooth slide of workpiece along about half a meter length. The accessory is fine solution for supporting the other end of a board when crosscutting on table saw. The procedure for making the accessory is rather fast. The carrier with ball bearings is the square tube with 10 holes drilled in. In these holes you should make threads for screws intended to fix ball bearings. Cut the short square tube that will be the base of the accessory and weld it 90° to the carrier. Paint the accessory. на носач кугличних лежајева. Finally fix the ball bearings loosely with screws, and that is all there is to it.
bravarijaPodupiracPrimerPresaThe 10mm flat bar is ready for drilling on drill press. No need for special auxiliary drill press table - the universal stand is here!  bravarijaPodupiracPrimerPresa2Even if you had  auxiliary table mounted on drill press (in this picture only the builtin table is present), the heavy piece on this picture would flip over both auxiliary table and drill press! But with universal stand the operation is easy and fast.
bravarijaPodupiracPrimerStegaAgain the workbench application of Universal stand. Here the heavy steel plate is cut with angle grinder. If we do not support the hanging part of the plate, at the end of grinding we shall have the problem. Happily with Universal stand the hanging part is fixed and the cut operation is safe and precise. bravarstvo r2d2PanelA wide panel needs to be cut on much smaller workbench. You can support panel by hand, but that is very shaky and insecure. You can see that I fixed the panel by means of F-clamps and used R1D1 stand to support the front edge.


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